Pakistan, a big player in the global dates trade, has ideal conditions for growing a diverse range of date palms. With fertile land and a warm climate, the country flourishes in date production and exports a significant percentage of the world’s dates. Over 160 date cultivars thrive in Pakistan, offering a diverse range of flavors and textures.

SA Foods International collaborates with experienced Pakistani dates producers to ensure that our Sa Foods Dates are grown using sustainable practices and pass stringent quality inspections before shipment. For your convenience, we offer bulk dates from Pakistan to globally in various forms – pitted (pit-free), unpitted (whole with pits), whole (natural form), halves (pre-cut), quarters (smaller pieces for portion control or use in recipes), and chopped (finely chopped dates, ideal for adding texture and sweetness to various dishes) – to meet your customized needs and use cases.

We prioritize providing our B2B partners with the best dates. Our Sa Foods Dates have a moisture percentage that ranges from 13.5% – 16% for optimal shelf life and texture. We offer a variety of grades (SELECT, GAQ, FAQ, INDUSTRIAL) to fulfill your demands and guarantee sourcing and packing in Pakistan. Dates are carefully packed in 10kg cartons for safe transport. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1 Full Container Load (FCL), which consists of approximately 1800 cartons.

Partner with SA Foods International, a leading bulk exporter in Pakistan, and increase your product offerings with our significant knowledge, experience, and a lifelong commitment to quality. Contact us right away to talk about your bulk dates import requirements from Pakistan.

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