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With more than 15 years of extensive expertise, Mr. Asif Habib Paracha, CEO of SA Foods International, is a well-known personality in the food industry. Because of his proficiency in creating products that meet international standards, SA Foods is now one of Pakistan’s top food export businesses, with sales opening doors in the US, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Far East.

The company, which functions as a manufacturer, exporter, and trader, demonstrates its ability to flourish in highly competitive marketplaces by producing high-quality food items for global markets.

The company stands apart by its commitment to serving the different needs of ethnic customers across the globe.

SA Foods International, a renowned food manufacture & exporting company in Pakistan, offers a diverse product lineup including food grains, spices, thirst quenchers, mind invigorants, and taste enhancers. Catering to both traditional and non-traditional preferences, its range covers Dates, Fruit Juices, Dry Fruits, Frozen Food, Nimko and Snacks, Rice, Spices, Chutney, and Pickles.

This variety ensures a fulfilling experience for its satisfied clientele, positioning SA Foods as a versatile choice for enriching experiences globally.

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Together with its sister company SA Foods International, SA Trading Company has achieved impressive success by branching out into new areas and increasing trade with important clients through the creation of reliable products and innovative packaging.

As a leading manufacturer, exporter, and trader, the company has upgraded its facilities and machinery with state-of-the-art technology to produce products of outstanding quality. Recognized as the top food exporters in Pakistan, SA Trading Company and SA Foods International have established themselves as the premier food manufacturers in the country, setting a high standard for quality in the sector.


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